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Entrevista a Debby Ryan: H Mag

La revista H Mag le hizo una entrevista a Debby Ryan sobre su vida.

Está es la entrevista en su idioma original. Sí quieres verla en español haz clic aqui

Do you have any advice for those who would try to follow a career like your? Advice to Anything you need to know is on the internet. You just have to put the work in. Don’t give up. This industry doesn’t owe anyone anything. Remember that you’re very blessed to even have an opportunity to audition & give every audition everything you’ve got, then walk away & forget it.

You are facing at worldwide popularity. Can you live your life everyday like a normal teenager? I mean, if I wanna walk around with no makeup on & my hair up, I’m going to. I don’t do anything to draw attention to myself in public, but I don’t hide from fans. I’m very fortunate because the people who recognize me tend to be super laid-back, polite to whomever I’m with, & just really charismatic & rad. & I’m kind of shy with meeting new people, so it’s kind of like making friends but skipping the introduction part.

In “Sixteen Wishes” you act as Abby Jensen, a teenager grappling with the challenges of growth and a list of wishes and dreams. Is it difficult to be a teenager in 2010? No matter where you live, no matter what year it is, what family you have, there are always going to be things that EVERY teenager deals with. I think we’re fortunate because in the last few years, the world has started to see that kids are powerful, passionate, capable people, so in that way, we’re able to do a lot more than maybe 50 years ago. We still have a ways to go as far as being taken seriously, but that’s something we have to earn. The more of my peers I meet, the prouder I am of the youth of 2010. We’re artists, we’re soldiers, we’re students and teachers. We’re heroes & we empower each other & make a difference, no matter what we’re passionate about.

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