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Tommy2: Entrevista a Debby Ryan

El sitio Tommy2 le hizo una entrevista a Debby Ryan, donde hablaron sobre su proxima Disney Channel Original Movie "16 Wishes", "The Suite Life On Deck" (Zack y Cody Gemelos a Bordo) y su exito musical "Hakuna Matata".

Aquí la entrevista en su idioma original.

Si quieren verla en español, solo deben hacer clic Aquí

Tommy2: What’s up, it’s Tommy2 and today we’ve got a very sweet guest, Debby Ryan from The Suite Life On Deck. Debby how’s it goin?

Debby Ryan: Very well, how are you?

Tommy2: Doing great. Now you’ve got a new song on the DisneyMania 7 release – Hakuna Matata. Can you give us the story about how that all came about?

Debby Ryan: Um, how I ended up covering Hakuna Matata on DisneyMania was… the person who does the music and all the scoring for The Suite Life. I worked with him a couple of times and he called me up one day and he said I have a great opportunity are you interested in singing for DisneyMania? And I said yes I would love to and he sent over some tracks of them hearing me singing and then he sent a list to me and said, well go ahead and pick a song. And I’ve loved Hakuna Matata for a very long time and I have a toothbrush that sings it and you know I’m singing it all the time and it’s on my website and it wasn’t on the list initially and so I picked a couple from the list but I was like, I was wondering if there was any way that I could do Hakuna Matata and he came back and was like I don’t think that would be a good idea. No girl really sings that and I’m like exactly it’s new territory and I would love to cover it and they called all the way up the record label and they finally approved for me to sing it and so I went in and had a lot of fun in the studio and kicked it out and I think we came out with a cool kind of original track.

Tommy2: And it goes to show it never hurts to ask.

Debby Ryan: It never hurts to ask – exactly! Which has kind of been my policy of the last couple of months because I think people forget sometimes and they don’t think about that and so if you have an idea or an opportunity go ahead and bust down doors to make it happen.

Tommy2: That’s right. Now are you a big fan of The Lion King?

Debby Ryan: I love The Lion King! I mean it’s like… I looked it up it’s like the highest grossing animation Disney film ever and its you know everyone has seen it and everyone kind of knows it and it’s definitely something no matter how many times you’ve seen it once or a hundred times – everyone knows what Hakuna Matata means and everyone knows of it and of the song and so that was another reason I love it.

Tommy2: Yeah great movie and of course it also had the Broadway production, did you ever get a chance to see that?

Debby Ryan: Yes, I actually did just a couple of months ago I was actually, I went to San Antonio, Texas and I got to see a Broadway production of The Lion King and not only that, I did a Disney 365 for the Channel and got to be in the opening number for Circle of Life, watch them rehearse, call you know places to the stage, and hang out backstage with the entire cast of the touring Broadway road crew and just witness the singing and dancing onstage. So it was phenomenal and just the show itself, before I was in it I got to see it so I was familiar with it and I loved it. I could honestly watch it every night, day after day. It’s phenomenal.

Tommy2: Yeah I know, I’ve seen it a few times myself. Is there anything you learned behind the stage that you could share with us?

Debby Ryan: Any thing I learned on stage… I learned how to do some fierce lion poses from the actors that play young Simba and young Nala. They’re very fierce and they kind of hit their poses and hold them and they’re very intense and it’s actually really funny because you know they have their beaded corsets and their war paint and everything and then they walk up to you and are like “Hi I love you on the show” and then they go on stage and they’re you know theatrical and just phenomenal dancers and singers. I mean these people are so talented and such hard workers and especially the kids I’m actually still in contact with some of the kids. I was on instant messenger with hem the other day and was like “when are you coming to LA?” They’re so talented.

Tommy2: And speaking of The Lion King and DisneyMania, Allstar Weekend also had a chance to cover one of the songs on that release. Have you heard that?

Debby Ryan: Yes, I did I heard a little of it. I heard a 30 second track of, they did I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, I believe and that song I love and that’s always kind of one of the ones that gets stuck in my head after watching it. That one, He Lives In You and then of course Hakuna Matata. All three of those get stuck in my head when I watch it and so I heard it and I was stoked that they covered it because we got a lot of Lion King, we’re representing The Lion King on DisneyMania 7.

Tommy2: Representing the Pride Lands right

Debby Ryan: Exactly, representing the Pride Lands.

Tommy2: Now last year, you had some shows booked with Mitchel Musso, Jasmine Richards and Savannah Outen out on the East that ended up getting cancelled. I want to know if you’re gonna do any touring this summer?

Debby Ryan: I would love to tour this summer. Yeah, last summer it was a bummer when those shows got canceled because I was definitely working, preparing for those and really the whole side of singing and performing, stage performing – I haven’t had much experience and I’ve done a lot of dancing and I write a lot. But to be able to practice as a singer, you know we had a band all put together and we were sitting actually in a woman’s physical garage – it was really funny we were in a friends garage and we were all kind of you know garage band jamming in preparation for the Terrific Teen Tour and it made me realize just how much love singing, I love live stage performing. I would definitely love to do it this summer.

So actually, I had an opportunity but I’ve been working. I just got off a movie set up in Canada and came directly back to work at Suite Life and so I haven’t had a lot of time to prep my music and I feel like something which definitely deserves a lot of respect and you know time and preparation for so it would be tons of fun to perform it and I actually now have a song now that I sing for the movie 16 Wishes. I’m actually, you’re the first person I’m telling this to so it’s kind of breaking news here but I sing a song, the opening song for 16 Wishes, the film that I just shot up in Canada. And I shot a music video for it which is an entirely different story in itself, but that was… and I recorded in the Warehouse Studio which is Bryan Adams’ studio – like Aerosmith flies up to record in, the Stones recorded in and I mean like amazing, amazing bands have performed there and just being there and being in this entire environment, I’ve fallen in love with the performance side of music, cause I blog about it for the music blog and so you know I’m always kind of… like right now I’m actually in the House of Blues like in the bands dressing rooms and such and there have been times when I’ve been here and I know the bands and I hang out with them. Some of them are girl friends and guy friends of mine and so I’ve been on the backstage performance side of things but you know the onstage side is just an entirely different ballgame and it’s just magical.

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